John Browne
has been a professional dog trainer for over 20 years. John trained in the United States at the International Dog Training School, sponsored by New York University. Immediately following his graduation with honors, John spent two years in Europe as an apprentice,  training under the leading Belgian Ring Sport trainers.

Upon his return to the United States, John brought puppies with him from the all time leading champions in the Ring Sport field. The Belgian Malinois or Malechaar as it is known in Belgium, is a breed of shepherd which  has been bred specifically for protection and police use for hundreds of years.

Browne Sport’s sister company, The K-9 Center, Inc., has and breeds dogs which are line bred from these champions. These dogs are available to qualified professionals and enthusiasts only.

John has produced an instructional video “The Belgian Malinois” by Robert Bombace of VideoTel Productions which is now available to the public.  This video can be ordered through Browne Sport Sales.

John was recently interviewed by Dog Sport Magazine in the May, 1998 issue.