Training Appareal

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The apparel that we manufacture use the synthetic fabric Olefin, which has the same weave as Flax but is softer and lasts at least twice as long as either Jute or Flax. This fabric gives with the bite and does not get destroyed. Like all synthetics, Olefin does not rot or break down with dog saliva and is backed with a nontoxic Latex adhesive which adds years to the life of the suit.

Our suits are fully padded with a high density, hypoallergenic, nylon padding and stitched with an extra heavy-duty nylon thread.

Because we are the manufacturers, we can optionally add Stainless Steel buckles, or nylon quick release clips or Velcro fasteners to suit your needs. Linings can be made of either nylon or heavy denim.

Similarly, the weight and/or thickness of the padding can be altered to meet each individual need:

The legs and sleeves of are suits are designed for the dog in full bite. The dog feels he is biting a man and not just the suit. Sleeves can easily be modified to be modular so they can be re-covered without replacing the entire suit.