Our all chrome leather aprons are the finest available.

The straps are made of double nylon webbing with quick release fasteners.

A plastic crotch guard is added for protection.

Agitation Whip
$15.95 + shipping.This may very well be the last whip you ever buy. Nylon bound fiberglass rod with Nylon cord , hand strap and replaceable snapper. Snappers are replaceable in seconds and cost just $3.00.
Other training accessories available at Browne Sport:

  • Puppy Tugs
  • Padded Leather Schkagsticks
  • Wire Basket Muzzles
  • Nylon Bait Pouches
  • Fur Saver Chokers¬† (brass or stainless)
  • Prong Collars with nylon for quick and quiet action
  • Tie Out Lines
  • Leather harnesses for tracking, agitation or weight pulling.
  • Leg Sleeves
  • Gauntlets
Instructional Video Now Available
This video is over two hours long and includes an extensive interview with John Browne. John takes you through many training procedures with his dogs. Call us at 516-588-0000 for your copy.
For a sample clip, click on the icon below (a 4Mb file which will take about 20min to download at 28.8K)
1998 NVBK Championships Video   Now Available
This video includes categories I, II, and III all on the same tape.

If you couldn’t make the competition, her’s your chance to see it up close! Call 516-588-0000 for your copy.

For more videos about Malinois, click on this link