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Here’s How A Corporate Tax Loan Benefits SMEs

Almost every business will need funding support at some point. In fact, even businesses that started with a huge start-up fund will have to look for other ways to sustain a steady cash flow. Small businesses need to find a reliable option to get enough funds.

Borrowing money from the wrong people is not an option. It’s a huge mistake that can have a detrimental effect on your business. This is where you should consider a corporate tax loan. If this is something that you think can benefit your business, then learn more here.

Corporate Tax Loan

A Corporate Tax Loan is basically a short-term loan offered to various companies, especially Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs). The purpose of the corporate tax loan is to help businesses meet their immediate cash flow needs for whatever purpose it may serve. When applying for a Corporate Tax Loan, you will have access to extra funds. It can be as much as  100% of your profit tax.

Companies like DBS SME Banking offer this making it payable based on your business’ tax demand note. They are focused on responsible banking, responsible business practices, as well as in creating a social impact. You are sure that DBS has a financing solution for you. What’s great about corporate tax loans at DBS is that they do not require any loan collateral.

loan collateral

How Much Can A Company Borrow?

You have applied for a Corporate Tax Loan, and finally, your application was approved. How much do you think will DBS SME Banking will let you borrow? This lender will let you borrow up to 100% of the profit tax that you owe. The maximum loan amount for each company is $4 million. If in case you will be needing more than the limit, your application will be furthermore evaluated.

Choose DBS SME Banking

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider applying for a corporate tax loan at DBS SME Banking. But the three most important reasons are convenience, collateral-free, and flexible loan terms. Once your application is approved, DBS will pay directly to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for you.

Also, unlike other lenders, DBS will not hold your personal or business properties if you choose to apply for a corporate tax loan. There is no collateral involved. And when it comes to repayment schedules, DBS will help you find the best schedule and term that would be most comfortable for you.

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